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Alberta Walk in Clinic Directory Finished!

With the inclusion of the Alberta directory, all walk-in clinics in Edmonton, Calgary and rural areas have been added to This will provide the first centralized source of information for walk in clinics in Alberta. A total of 204 clinics have been added including providers such as Primacy Medical Clinics (locations province wide), Prime Care Health (locations in Calgary, Carstairs and Grande Prairie) and Medicentres (locations in Edmonton and Calgary).

Clinics in the directory will benefit from multiple sources of advertised information including  contact data, links to self promotional material such as social media or a website,   Google maps,  and a photo of the clinic. If the clinic has a set schedule this will also be displayed showing opening and closing hours on a weekly basis.

Filter By City Or Region

With so many clinics being added users will also be able to take advantage our relatively new sorting feature which allows the filtering of clinics based on region. Clicking on a region will not only filter the clinics, but display the location of each clinic on the overhead map.

Skip the Waiting Room - Clinic Directory Regional Filter

Clinic Directory Regional Filter



Finding a walk in clinic in the Alberta area has never been easier. We know this will assist the public in choosing the most convenient option. Our hope here at Skip the Waiting Room is that by listing all of the clinics in Alberta, we give the public one central location to find information. We also plan to partner with Walk in clinic providers to allow clients to register online for their services.   


Map of the Calgary Area (showing walk in clinic locations)

New Features

Future features have already been planned to make the directory even more useful. Clinics will soon have the option to edit their own schedule if they so choose. This will specifically benefit clinics that have a more dynamic schedule and clinics that want to ensure that they share this information with the public . Also in the works is our free wait time widget. This publicly available widget will allow any clinic to share and update their current wait time information and add it to their website. This visual aid will provide an overview of their current wait times as well as the option to add a unique message.  While overall Skip the Waiting Room’s goal is to partner with clinics to offer online registration, this will be a great first step as clinics can share more information with their clients.

Next Steps

Moving eastward we will be adding in all the clinics from, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario .

With the addition of the Alberta directory we’re one step closer to providing Canada wide walk in clinic information.

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