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Online Registration Now Available

Introduction – Online Registration now live in Okotoks, Alberta

We are happy to announce that the Okotoks Pinnacle Medical Centre is now offering a portion of their appointments online through Skip the Waiting Room.  You can simply go to or, and if there is an appointment available, quickly and securely register yourself or a loved one for an appointment.  You will get a phone call or text to confirm your phone number, and the appointment, and then later get another call or text to remind you to head in for your appointment.  Skip the Waiting Room’s goal is to have you seen shortly after you arrive, and make it as convenient as possible.  You can stay at home with your loved ones, or stay at work until you actually need to go in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why offer online registration?

The thousands of patients who have used Skip the Waiting Room overwhelmingly agree – they love the convenience and time savings that our service offers.  Clients don’t have to come in to register, or try and get through busy phone lines.  Our goal is to allow you to quickly see what clinics, and times are available.  Register, and then only come into the clinic when it’s time for you to do so.  No one likes sitting in a waiting room.

 Where can patients register online? (the Skip the Waiting Room homepage) (the directory of walk in clinics in Alberta)

A big shout out to Pinnacle Medical Centres for being the first full partner in Alberta, and you can expect to see more of their locations offering online registration soon.

Patient Cost?

Its’ free! – partnering with Pinnacle Medical Centers has meant that they want you to have the best experience possible by using their services.

Is it complicated / hard ?

No – simply go to one of our websites –  or , hit the “Book Online Now” button, fill out a few details, and then we will take care of the rest. You can expect a phone call or text message to confirm the right phone number has been entered, and then another phone call or text message as a reminder to head to the clinic. When you get there, let the staff know you have shown up, and relax.

When is online registration available in the morning?

Online registration for the Okotoks Pinnacle Medical Centre currently starts at 6:00 am MST.  If you look at the schedule at their schedule you can click on any of the days in the future to see what time registration starts as well.  

What can I see the doctor for when registering online?

Please see a list of services offered at the Okotoks Pinnacle Medical Centre page and please note longer items like physicals, drivers medicals may not be done on a walk in basis.  Please call the clinic to confirm ahead of time.  

Note: Narcotics will not be prescribed on a walk in basis.

When will more clinics be available?

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing more Pinnacle Medical Centre clinics online, so check back soon.  If you are not in an area that is served by one of these locations, feel free to let the clinics you normally attend know about this new service. You can also sign up and we will let you know when we launch in your area.

Where can I find out more information?

You can check out information on the sites listed above, or contact Skip the Waiting Room at

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