Health Card – Simplifying Registration


Improving Efficiency

At Skip the Waiting Room we are continuously looking to improve the way we interact with our healthcare system.  We are constantly working to find ways to lower the potential for user error and increase a clinic’s operational efficiency by simplifying processes.

Simplifying Registration

One of the first things that we noticed when working with our partners was that the information on the patient’s health card was copied, edited and manually formatted for printing. We saw this as a part of their daily process that we could speed up as well as remove the potential for user error.


PEI health cards (both old and new) have a magnetic strip that store’s the patient’s information, and we looked for  a way to get that information off the card. This can be accomplished with a simple USB card reader that can be bought online for around $50 (shown above). When you swipe the card, the information that comes off looks something like the text below.

You can probably tell that not all of the information in the line of text above is useful. We need to extract the useful parts from it and load them into our system. Once we have parsed the data we want from the card, we can use it to quickly register people in our clinic tools, and produce registration forms, or specimen labels all accurately matching the health card the client provided. 

Specimen Labels

One of the features of Skip the Waiting Room’s Clinic Admin product is a label generation tool. It is not uncommon for the clinic to print off a specimen label for a patient when they visit the clinic. The clinic staff members can come to this screen, swipe the card, and then the results will be displayed on a print form. If the staff want to add additional information on the label at this time, they have the ability to.  One click later and the labels will print off from a regular Dymo label printer in seconds. 



Skip the Waiting Room provides a simple and easy way to take registration or produce labels by easily swiping a health card through an inexpensive magnetic swipe card reader.  This reduces the chance of error by manually typing in the information, as well it is simple and straightforward.  Another great benefit is there is no need to physically emboss a physical imprint of the card.  If you are interested in how we can help automate your registration process, please contact us at

About Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson has spent his entire career in healthcare IT, loves technology and is ready to shake up the way you access healthcare services. A proud husband and father of three girls, he has endured a number of 4+ hour waits while his daughters wreak havoc.

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