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Our Mandate

How we change how you access a  Walk in Clinic 

Skip the Waiting Room’s mandate is to integrate with Walk in Clinic providers and show them value by improving their operations, efficiency, data tracking, and reporting.  The number one value we provide to them is vastly reducing wait times for a portion of their clients.   These clients will leave their facilities and will receive the same high quality care they receive today. However, they will now have the chance to access healthcare without a potentially painful wait.  They will be happier with these services, and more likely to use the same Walk-in Clinic provider in the future.

How we decrease patient wait times

All clients who want to access services of a Walk in Clinic will be able to use our user friendly website to see when walk in clinics are scheduled.  They will also be able to see their contact information, view a map of their location, and ensure that they have available slots at that point in time.

If a client finds a clinic they would like to attend they will have a two options. Firstly, they will have the option to go to the clinic and wait to be seen by a medical professional. This is the current system that is in place – with the added benefit of you being able to see up to date and accurate information about that clinic online.

However, Skip the Waiting Room’s online booking feature will offer the client an additional option. Using our Online Booking service, they will be able to book an appointment online. These clients get to stay at home with their family, stay at work and carry on with their day as they please while being assured that they will be contacted when it is appropriate to leave for their appointment. We will reach out to these clients when it is time to depart for their appointment with an automated phone call or text message.

The client will then depart for their appointment at the walk in clinic. When they arrive, they should be greeted by an empty waiting room with only a short delay before seeing a physician.

How we do it

To accomplish this,  we integrate Skip the Waiting Room into the clinic so we can understand how clients move through the clinic.  We know when the clinic starts, and we know when it’s time for the next client to move into the exam room.   With this knowledge, we are able to send clients who use our online booking an automated phone call with interactive voice menus or an interactive text message.  We compute this through an algorithm and a travel time of how long it will take a client to reach the clinic. The time the phone call or text message is sent is calculated using the travel time to the clinic (entered by the user), and other parameters..

The goal of this process is to have our online patients seen without impacting the natural flow of the clinic or the efficiency of the physician or other healthcare providers.


We have heard a number of criticisms to our concept.  Let’s take a look at a few of the most common ones.

The waiting room is always full. Why would a clinic provider need you to help them bring more people to their clinic

This simply isn’t true.  We are much more likely to remember the more difficult situations than the convenient ones.  (http://www.webmd.com/brain/news/20070829/bad-memories-easier-to-remember)

We want to ensure that every walk in clinic sees the maximum number of patients in any given clinic.  We want to see our population get maximum utility from these services. By sharing the up to date information online, clients are not turned away at one clinic while another clinic across the city is unused.

Doctors don’t care how long you wait

Again we feel this is a bit cynical. While we can’t speak for every physician, we feel the vast majority want to help the people they see as part of their services.  If a long wait time is a barrier to accessing their service, they are basically disincentivising people from using their services.  If their patient load is part of the problem, it should be addressed in another manner (this unfortunately is out of our control).  We feel clients should seek health care based completely on their need. Inconvenience should not hold an individual back from seeking medical attention.

Older people, people without internet access, etc will not be able to use Skip the Waiting Room

While we have designed Skip the Waiting Room to be as easy to use as possible,  we do realize there will be some people who do not have internet access or will not feel comfortable using our services.   Understanding this fact, we are proud to say that those individuals will still be able to continue using clinics as they have in the past .  Clients can still attend the clinic in person, get in line, and and be seen by a physician.  They will  receive the same level of care as anyone who books an appointment online.

I will repeat this again as we feel it is one of our best features.  This is not a different level or quality of healthcare. Rather, it is simply a convenience for those who choose to use our services.

People won’t pay to use Skip the Waiting Room

While we would like to offer Skip the Waiting Room’s services to all free of cost, we are not at the stage where we can do this. For now, we will be charging a reasonable usage fee for accessing our services.

Some people take objection to the idea of paying for healthcare in Canada. We would like to stress that we are not offering superior healthcare to those who are willing to pay, only increased convenience.   If a client chooses not to use our online booking services, they will still benefit from having more accurate and accessible information online which will be free of charge. They will also benefit from other improved tools we will have given the clinic.

Many extras in the Canadian Healthcare system have small charges attached with them, private rooms during an inpatient stay, blood-work collection, yearly service charges, etc and we feel Skip the Waiting Room provides a real value for those who wish to use our online booking option.


What we want to accomplish

We want:

  • people to have convenient access to health care services.
  • people to make health care decisions based on their personal needs without consideration of the “inconvenience” of accessing the necessary services
  • to enhance the services offered by Walk in Clinic Providers, and especially make it easier for those providers to share information about their hours, capacity and status online
  • to bring our services and to help as many clients, Walk in Clinic providers, organizations and governments as possible.

Check us out

You will find us at Skip the Waiting Room

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