PEI Pilot Launch Questions

We will be answering questions best we can here:

  • Proud of PEI

Sounds like a good idea but I have some questions about this initiative that hopefully will be considered when it is implemented.
1) When people sign up online, if all of the online slots are filled will they be advised of such so that they can then go to the clinic to try to get one of the in person slots?
2) Will patients have to identify how long it takes them to get to the clinic so that phone calls can be made accordingly as some people may live/work closer than others?
3) What happens to a slot if somebody is late or does not show up?
4) How much in advance can a patient sign up online?


@Proud of PEI – Thanks for the questions hopefully these answer them
1 – Users can see both the amount of in-person and online slots for each clinic that offers online registration.
2 – Yes, as a user you must input your travel time so the system knows when to tell you to depart.
3 – Individuals are setup to arrive slightly ahead of your slot to minimize disruption to the clinic’s operation.
4 – At the Downtown Walk in Clinic you are able to sign up online 2 hours prior to the scheduled start of the first clinic. You can see this at as well.

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