Update on PEI Launch | 2015-12

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Update on PEI Launch | 2015-12

 We have just surpassed our first 100 clients served, and it has been a great learning opportunity to refine and improve our system, while giving clients the opportunity to register from the comfort of their home, work, or any location they choose.  Real people are accessing healthcare through Skip the Waiting Room, and we are thrilled to be providing these services in conjunction with the Downtown Walk in Clinic.  You can find their weekly schedule as well as book online at the following link


or through our homepage



How it Works

 Clients register, receive an appointment notification, and then are able to go about their day.  We only contact these clients when it is time for them to depart for the clinic.  When you arrive at the clinic you should be seen shortly after get there.

What do people think so far?

 We are working to refine and improve our system, while taking feedback from you, the clients, and the clinic and their staff.  Our goal is to give the best possible experience to all parties.   If you have any feedback so far? Write us at info@SkipTheWaitingRoom.com


What order do I get seen in?

One of our requirements is that we don’t disadvantage anyone who doesn’t have access to the a computer or the internet so our clients are seen near the end of the clinic, not at the start.  We feel it is most important that accessing a walk in clinic is convenient and is not about being first.  If you have an urgent healthcare need I would encourage you to carefully consider the Emergency Room or by dialing 911.  


How long do I wait when I get to the clinic?

Occasionally clients can experience a slightly longer delay after arrival if the physician has a complex patient, and we ask for our clients to understand that while most visits take only minutes, some might take longer and the physician is working as efficiently and quickly as possible.  We would want the physician to take the appropriate time they need to take with each and every client.  Be sure that our goal is to experience as little of a wait as possible and truly “Skip the Waiting Room”


Media Announcements

We would also like to share the media announcements that came with our launch:





If you have any further questions or comments we would love to hear from you.  Please email us at info@SkipTheWaitingRoom.com


Thank You

Mark Richardson

CEO and Founder of Skip the Waiting Room

About Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson has spent his entire career in healthcare IT, loves technology and is ready to shake up the way you access healthcare services. A proud husband and father of three girls, he has endured a number of 4+ hour waits while his daughters wreak havoc.

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