Walk in Clinic Product Suite

Walk in Clinic Product Suite


We have designed Skip the Waiting Room to feature a number of products to be completely modular and easily upgradable.  Our Walk in Clinic partners will be able to choose which products they wish to use in their business.  As we receive feedback from our partners, we will be able to rapidly develop and integrate features that will add additional value to our products.  We feel that our walk in clinic product suite offers tremendous value to the public and our partners.

Because of the way we have designed our product suite, we have the ability to rapidly expand and improve our services. This makes Skip the Waiting Room the right partner to enhance and streamline Walk in Clinic operations, while providing incredible convenience to clients.

Our Core Products

Skip the Waiting Room

  • public facing secure and reliable website that will be used for aggregation of walk in clinic providers
  • allows clients to pick providers who have capacity for additional clients
  • promotes clinics that offer online booking
  • dynamically updated by normal clinic operation. This site would be accurate up to the minute, reducing client frustration when seeking schedules, contact information, locations, and online booking capacities
  • our goal is to allow clients to quickly use this site to book an appointment at one of our walk in clinic providers and then carry on with their daily activities.  These clients are then more likely to use the same partner’s services, and return to that clinic in the future.


Skip – Clinic Administration

Skip the Waiting Room - Clinic Administration - Dashboard View

  • secure and private clinic administration website for walk in clinic administrative staff
  • easily performs the operational steps of running a regular clinic
  • staff can easily process in-person clients while accepting online bookings
  • all notifications for clients to depart for their appointment are sent with an automated system.  No direct staff interaction is required for patient’s notification during normal operation
  • integrates time saving features such as billing reports, patient registration printable forms, and a number of other valuable reports
  • utilization reports, trends and other data analysis will be available on demand
  • scheduling tools will let staff easily update the clinic schedule and provide the public with an accurate schedule
  • a full range of customization tooling for staff will let them track a number of different registration options
  • powerful convenience options like “Cancel All” appointments with mass updates for those unfortunate circumstances


Skip – Clinic Directory

Skip the Waiting Room - Clinic Directory - PEI Homepage View

  • we will establish in each jurisdiction the authoritative resource for walk in clinics.  This will assist the public by offering a consistent and full featured list of providers in their area. By having this, we offer free access to information while driving  traffic to our partner’s clinics.
  • all clinics will be given access to update their schedule via our easy to use tools. For our partners we will also include the ability to update their capacity. This will reduce the overhead of public interactions by confirming clinic hours and operations.
  • features all clinic contact information.
  • features location details, including mapping via Google Maps that allows for easy directions
  • our goal is to have each province’s/state’s organic searches for walk in clinics and the types of medical services they provide direct to this site.  We plan to use a variety of search engine optimization techniques to establish ourselves as the authoritative resource in this area


Extra Products

Skip – Rx

  • as many walk in clinics are associated with pharmacies, this product will bring the convenience of interactive voice / interactive text notifications into the pharmacy. It will also allow them to offer notification services to their clients when their prescription is filled
  • this service would function with in-person clients through additional data entry during walk in clinic registration or at the pharmacy. This service could be also used for any clients of the pharmacy who would like to use the service
  • this would help to promote our partner’s services and help clients to use our partner’s pharmacy, all while receiving the same convenience offering of Skip the Waiting Room (automated notification when their prescription is ready for pickup)
  • partners would also be able to get a more accurate list of conversion between their walk in clinic and pharmacy(s)


Skip – Waiting Room Screen

Skip the Waiting Room - Waiting Room Screen on the Operation View

  • With internet access and a standard TV or large screen monitor, will be able to show a dynamically updating and rotating display. This display will show a customizable number of screens without manual intervention from staff
  • the Waiting Room Screen will seamlessly transition from displaying operational information, schedules, Skip the Waiting Room information, and clinic promotional screens that are all based on normal clinic operation
  • Clinic Operation – this screen shows clients in your waiting room current operation details with no personal information attached.  Clients will be easily able to see where the clinic is at in its operation, as well as if there are online slots available.  If Online registration slots are still available, clients could quickly book an appointment from their smartphone rather than waiting in person.
  • Clinic Schedule – A schedule of the walk in clinic for the next seven days.
  • Skip the Waiting Room Information – As part of our education of our partner’s clients, we will briefly display an explanation of our service offering for clients. This will make them  more likely to search out our partner’s clinic(s) and use our services the next time they need the service of a walk in clinic.
  • Clinic Partner Promotion – We can offer a wide variety of promotional materials here to promote the clinic or the attached pharmacy through text, images, flyers, etc
  • our goal is to provide all the information clients may need for status updates while sitting in the waiting room, as well as educating and promoting Skip the Waiting Room’s services and our valued partner’s services

Our Product Goals

These are the products and the ways we have split them up at this stage of development.  We will be constantly updating and improving these products while we seek to expand our product suite.  Our goal is to provide the most value for our clinic partners and the clients that use their services.  We want those clients to find the experience of using a walk in clinic seamless and convenient when they feel they have reason to do so.  We want people to seek out healthcare services based on their need. Consideration of how inconvenient accessing these services can be should not be a limiting factor when dealing with one’s health.


If you have a feature or idea you would like to see incorporated into our product line or you would like to have these services available as a client of a walk in clinic, feel free to contact us at mark@skipthewaitingroom.com

PS You can sign up to be notified when we launch in your area on our landing page http://skipthewaitingroom.com

About Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson has spent his entire career in healthcare IT, loves technology and is ready to shake up the way you access healthcare services. A proud husband and father of three girls, he has endured a number of 4+ hour waits while his daughters wreak havoc.

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