Walk in Clinics in PEI


Walk in Clinics in PEI

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Looking for a walk in clinic?

If you are looking for a walk in clinic on PEI in Charlottetown, Summerside or any other municipality, Skip the Waiting Room is the best place to find up to date information about walk in clinic locations and what their hours of operation are.  You can find our up to date listing of walk in clinics in PEI here.  As we expand our listing of walk in clinics you can check out our walk in clinic directory here.

Book a walk in clinic appointment online

Skip the waiting room will soon be partnering with two local walk in clinic providers in the Charlottetown area to not only bring their schedule online, but also for clients to book an appointment online.  You will be able to view their schedule, see how many empty spaces they have, and then book an appointment online.  You then get to stay at home with your family, stay at work, or do whatever it is you want to do as long as you are able to take a phone call or receive a text message.

We figure out how things are running at the clinic and only call or text you when it is time for you to leave for your appointment.  You show up, check in with the staff, and before long you should be in front of a doctor.  We think this will be the best way to access a walk in clinic in PEI, and we would encourage you to try it in the very near future.  If you want to be notified when we launch please sign up for an update on our landing  page here.  We promise to not spam or use your email for other purposes.

Waiting at home or at work, that really works?

Yes! Our goal is to bring convenience to your walk in clinic appointment.  We want you to be able to access medical care without sitting in a waiting room for a long period of time.  You know why? because we want to do the exact same things ourselves.  The founder Mark Richardson thought of this concept and how this could work while spending over 4 hours in a walk in clinic waiting room.  We know what it is like to have kids, a tight schedule, a work schedule that doesn’t allow you to miss a half day,  a miserable flu, or any other of the many reasons why you would want to use this service.

But I want it now!

We do too!  Sign up on our lander here or check back soon for an update.

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4 thoughts on “Walk in Clinics in PEI

  1. Heather

    This is great info if the clinic in Summerside actually cared about their schedule. This is a rant I posted a year ago today, and things are just as bad or worse now.
    “”Summerside Family Clinic in Summerside, PEI is committed to providing high quality, medical care in a clean and friendly environment with added convenience. Our clinic provides both Family Practice and Walk-In style medical service where patients can be treated by a qualified health care practitioner. We understand our patients’ needs and treat all with care and respect. ”
    This is what you see when you look up the walk-in clinic at Atlantic Superstore on-line. What you actually get…sign outside this week says hours are from 11-5 until August 5. Arrive at 4:15 because you actually have to work and the doors are locked. So day 2 you take the afternoon off, get there early and again the doors are locked. You are told to try again at 4pm so you sit all afternoon and wait rather than possibly lose your spot in line. At 4 they let you in but there is NO DOCTOR. You continue to wait. At 5pm, thinking they are probably going to close the doors and boot you out because it is closing time you ask the receptionist if this is common practice. Her response, “If you have a problem with it…BRING IT UP WITH THE DOCTOR”. The doctor was kind enough to waltz in the door at 5:15.
    I have a family doctor thankfully. If I miss an appointment with him without cancelling with enough notice, I get a bill that I must pay before I get another appointment because his time is valuable and he is kind enough to not double-book. Steve is not lucky enough to have a doctor he can call yet still needs to be able to get his prescriptions for his Asthma. Is his time not as valuable. He should be able to submit a bill to this wonderful clinic for the time he lost at work today waiting for a doctor who clearly has no concept of time.
    I hear nothing but complaints from anyone who has to use this clinic about the service they receive. It is located inside Superstore, giving the impression that it is in some way connected, yet if you ask the store they are very quick to distance themselves. They should be making the Clinic provide a guaranteed level of service or tell them to find a new location.
    These doctors must be getting public Healthcare money for all the visits, Health PEI needs to step in and say either provide the service or get out. These people are not helping alleviate the problem of a physician shortage. They are only making it look good on paper…
    Something needs to be done about this, and soon.”

    1. Mark Richardson Post author

      That is unfortunate, and a big part of our goal is to get more information into the public hands so they can make the best decision about how they can receive healthcare if they choose to use a walk in clinic. Letting clients book an appointment online, and then stay at work, stay at home with their family, and then only leave when it’s time for them to do so is also a big goal of ours, and believe us, we want to be able to use that service ourselves!


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